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Posted in Uncategorized by osweetnuthin on December 9, 2009

This D&G Time ad has been out for a bit, but I’ve not had an outlet to post it. The bulk of it is nothing stunning, but the end is SUPERB. I love it. Even the D&G logo has never looked so good as in front of that woman’s face. If you follow it back directly to its page on Youtube, one woman claiming to be a teacher comments: “…record it as soon as you get a chance ’cause you’ll never see it again after the next week or two. i myself, as well as many higher ups have already taken steps against this.” Hah. Directed by Cyrill Guyot. 

Lazy morning at Chez Nuthin. A lot of Yorkshire Gold tea and biscuits. 

I watched The Hunger again the other day, and it is incredible. The art direction is such that I can’t really vouch for the plot, or even the quality of the film as a whole. The point is a hot, New Wave vampire Deneuve. That and this dress from Dior Spring 2006. Could teach these Twilight brats a thing or two…

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  1. Alicia said, on December 9, 2009 at 8:04 pm

    I thought that commercial was hella racy until the end…priceless!!!!!

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